Leveraging Leadership
for Enhanced Productivity.

Leveraging Leadership for Enhanced Productivity

19th – 22nd April 2021
Novotel Hotel, World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE
9am - 4pm Daily

Leadership is an important function of management that helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organisational goals.

Leveraging Leadership for Enhanced Productivity training covers the theories and tactics needed as a leader for an enhanced productivity

How Build This Capability...

By Learn how to leverage leadership for the enhanced productivity of your organisation. Understand how to utilize Leadership skills for enhanced performances, revitalize your vision and build on your strengths, boost your capacity, Develop a positive attitude and “can-do” approach to problems..


Fundamentals of Leadership
Goal Setting and Strategic Planning
Communication for Effective Leadership
Understanding the Components and Effectiveness of Team Work to Productivity
Leading with Emotional Intelligence for Improved Performance
Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence Skills
Critical thinking and problem-solving: the key to effective decision making
Creative Leadership and Innovative Management

“I have attended several trainings, but this happens to be the best so far in terms of learning. Everything, the atmosphere, trainers, quality of instructions and materials is beyond comprehension”

-Director, Lagos State Government , Hakeem, Director

This Course is for...

Mid level to upper level managers, team leads and others aspiring to leadership to manage themselves, lead teams and motivate self and others to achieve personal or corporate goals. It teaches the fundamentals and principles of self-management and effective leadership and combines it with introspective thinking, cohort discussion and case studies

Participants Will ...

Understand the real meaning of leadership as it relates to Productivity
Discover and develop further their unique leadership qualities
Develop a positive attitude and “can-do” approach to problems
Have the ability to set SMART goals for improved Productivity
Understand the role and importance of strategic planning
Employ transformational activities that serve to move the organization toward desired new outcomes
Polish their interpersonal skills and communication Skills
Know how to make key and critical decisions
Be able to work effectively under pressure
Develop Techniques to motivate and inspire your people
Understand the components of effective team work

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