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High Performance Leadership

21st - 23rd April 2021

Boost Personal Efficiency and Organisational Performance To Meet Business Needs. Develop your leadership patterns and foundation. Revitalize your vision and build on your strengths. Boost your capacity to change and move to a higher level of your leadership performance.

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Improved Performance

Improve your self awareness, appreciate your strengths, understand your emotional triggers.Discover ways to increase stress tolerance. Learn problem solving skills, build trust and team cohesiveness, improve Interpersonal communication, grow empathy and gain the ability to connect with others for enhanced performance.

Leveraging Leadership for Enhanced Productivity

Learn how to leverage leadership for the enhanced productivity of your organisation. Understand how to utilize Leadership skills for enhanced performances, revitalize your vision and build on your strengths, boost your capacity, Develop a positive attitude and “can-do” approach to problems.

Accelerating Business Performance for Emerging Leaders

Learn to apply the tenets of Neuroscience in leadership development, understand the Intersection of Psychology and Neuroscience in Management, understand the Brain-Body-Mind Connection, apply NLP for Leadership and Team enhancement.

Keys to Self Management and Effective Leadership

Get grounded in personal and organizational effectiveness, Working productively with peers, managers, subordinates and others. Acquire efficient communication skills, empathetic listening, planning and goal setting.

Improving Attitudinal Behaviour to Enhance Performance

Acquire the relevant knowledge, skills and techniques to improve your work ethics, organisational culture and behaviour for improved productivity.Build a culture that is Committed to effectiveness and efficiency and improve effective Communication and Inter-Personal Relations Skills company wide.

Building High-Performing Teams

Discover proven strategies to inspire your team and create a winning team mentality. Cascade your corporate vision and individual objectives to your team. Be equipped to effectively evaluate your team’s performance and create a team development plan that better enables achievement of team target.

Leading for Creativity and Innovation

Develop strong leadership and creativity skills. Learn simple creative thinking techniques that they can use to generate ideas and solve problems at work. Understand how to harness the energy and enthusiasm and motivation of you team members .

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